30 Dec

Just like everyone else who isn’t confident of his writing skills, let me start my blog with a disclaimer that I am not a good writer. The idea of creating a blog just hit me in the middle of the night–when everyone but the nocturnal owl and kids of my age are sleeping.

I’ve been reading an book called “Of Dawdlers and Scrawlers” assigned by our professor in Legal Writing. Of course the book is about legal writing–how lawyers should write whatever it is that they are destined to write. Every part of that book gives me one horrible idea about the profession I am about to immerse myself in: that I will have to write for the most part of my life as a professional. That is precisely the reason why I decided to start training myself on how to write in the language I am supposed to be good at (but I’m not). There will be no other ways to improve my writing skills but to start putting my thoughts in writing. In fact, I don’t really care if I will have no reader here, as long as I will be able to look into my writing skills, detect its flaws, and most importantly, discover ways to improve it.

Aside from self-improvement, another reason why I decided to create a blog is to express ideas regarding certain issues that may or may not be current.

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